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Om CBS Volleyball

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Welcome to CBS Sport Volleyball! For the last couple of seasons, we welcomed approximately 40 members, both men and women. Many of our players are exchange students – this means that we have to say goodbye to several players at the end of each season. But luckily, we can say hello to many new players when a new season begins! However, members who can stay longer than one semester are preferred as we aim to get continuity in our team.

Like the other sports within CBS Sport, CBS Sport Volleyball is aimed at students in CBS but open for anyone (both students from other universities and non-students).

In the season 2022/2023 we have one competitive team consisting of all genders. To join the team, you should have previous experience in playing volleyball. Being a part of the competitive team means that you can commit to participating in most of team’s practices and tournaments. In order to join the team you need to participate in volleyball try-outs.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have a beginner team.

Important: Contact the CBS Sport Volleyball administration before joining our practice – there is a limit on how many players can join a practice session!

See more information about tryouts will be released on the CBS Sport Volleyball Facebook page.

We are holding try-outs in the beginning of every semester. There will be events with information on Facebook, or you can contact the sports responsible by email.

The next try-out sessions for the competitive team will be on the following dates:

September 8th 20:00-21:30 https://fb.me/e/2rOpN1I8Y
September 15th 20:00-21:30 https://fb.me/e/2g04Ys1td
Fill in the following form to sign up!


All try-outs will be at the time and place of the usual competitive team practices (see below). If you are unable to make the try-outs, please reach out to us and we can try to arrange a practice.

Please note that this season (Spring 2022/2023), we only offer spots at the competitive team as we currently do not have a beginner team. Please join the try-outs or write an email to volleyball@cbssport.dk before paying your CBS Sport Volleyball fee.

Competitive mix team practice details:
Date and time: Thursdays, 20:00-22:30 & Open-practice Fridays, 17:00-18:30


Thursdays: Frederiksberg Ungdomsskole, Sofus Francks Vænge 32, 2000 Frederiksberg.

Fridays: Hermeshallen, Steenwinkelsvej 19, 1966 Frederiksberg

For two try-out practices: Free of charge

Fee for one semester: DKK 500

The membership fee covers all practices plus participation in Danish tournaments. Players in the competitive team also have to buy a player license.

Payment and registration is done after max two practice sessions.

Do I have to be a CBS Student to play with CBS Sport Volley?

No. CBS Sport is open for all kinds of members. You don’t need to be a student and you don’t need to be affiliated with CBS. CBS Sport is a student organization at CBS, so many of the members are students from CBS, but it is not a requirement. The only real requirement is that we are not allowed to have members under 18 years of age.

What kind of equipment do I need to play with CBS Sport Volley?

You need suitable clothes and shoes for indoor volleyball (e.g. indoor sports shoes, no black soles). Some prefer to wear knee caps while playing, it is not a requirement but if you need knee caps, you need to bring your own.

We have team uniforms used for tournaments, but otherwise clothing is your own responsibility.

Is it possible to play on a men’s (or woman’s) team?

Currently we only have mix teams in CBS Sport Volley. If you are interested in playing in an all male / all female team, you can talk to the sports administrator or a coach – we can either decide to start a team (provided that many share the same wish) or help find a club with a suitable team.

Why do I need to sign up for each practice?

There are a couple of reasons for the signup requirement. First of all there are some practical limits to how many players we make a decent practice with. If only 4 players show up, might been cancelled since there it is not that fun to play 2 on 2. On the other hand, if 20 people have to share a single court, a lot of the time will be spent waiting. The second advantage of having players signing up for practice sessions is that it allows the coaches to plan better practice sessions. Knowing (up front) whether you have 10 or 20 players at a practice sessions makes a big difference. Finally, the signup helps to keep track of how many times each player have been at practice (as a new player, you are allowed 2 try out practice sessions free of charge).

Can I bring a friend to a practice?

Certainly – but please make sure to contact the sports administrator or the coach before the practice, and make sure that he or she is signed up for the practice session.

Where are the gyms located?

You can see the location under Practice Schedule. Note that Facebook events for the various sessions will also include a map/location link.

What kind of facilities are present at the various gyms?

In Kedelhallen there is a small cafeteria and 2 changing rooms with showers (men/women). There are 2 available courts in the gym.

At Frederiksberg Ungdomsskole there is a single changing room with showers – but various other locations where you can change if you want to do it in private. It is only possible to get in using the access card that the coach has.

At Falkonergården there are 2 changing rooms with showers (men/women). There is 1 court in the gym.

At Sundby Hallen (where the SVBK tournaments are held) there are several changing rooms, but no cafeteria or food /drink dispensers. Make sure to bring what you need to eat if you join a SVBK tournament). There are 6 available courts – and max 24 teams at each tournament.

How are teams for the SVBK tournaments made?

Approximately once a month we have one or more teams playing in the SVBK tournament. The exact dates will be posted in the Facebook group, in the information flyer and on this page as events – but note that it is always held on a Saturday, from 12 (noon) to 8 PM. The number of signed up players for any tournament determines how many teams we will send – we usually have from 6 to 8 players on each team, so anyone participating in a tournament will get at least a couple of sets on court. The coach will set the individual teams, and we will register at each individual tournament with a rating that fits the level of the players on the team.
Important note: Players from the Monday team (relaxed/intermediate) can also participate in tournaments – the coaches will set the teams based on who has signed up.
Also important: Since we aim to have small teams where everyone gets to play, it is very important that you show up on time if you are participating in a tournament.

Feel free to contact us on Facebook or send an email to volleyball@cbssport.dk if you have any other questions.

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