Basketball & Beers 🏀🍻 tryout image
Basketball & Beers 🏀🍻 tryout image

Basketball & Beers 🏀🍻

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Basketball & Beers 🏀🍻
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    We proudly present: "Basketball & Beers" 🏀🍻 Get great exercise while having fun and learning something new, and afterwards relax in the sunshine with a cold beer and new friends 🌞 Drinks are on us!

    PROGRAM: There will be two training sessions of 45 minutes. You can either join both or just one🥳

    15.15-16.00: Training # 1
    16.15-17.00: Training # 2
    17.00-18.00: Happy Hour for Everyone with free beer and soda

    Come and experience how fun it is to play basketball. No experience needed! The event is for BEGINNERS, so everyone can join.

    This event is for women only, but if you are a man and want to try beginner basketball, check out our website or send us a message 🙌🏼💕

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    Beginners! No experience needed

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